My wife and I decided to move south. That is an inside joke for us as we live in Texas. We moved from a place way up north in Texas called Perryton to the city area of San Antonio. The distance is 550 miles or almost a nine hour drive. You still have a lot of Texas to the south. That should give you an idea how big this state is. It was so far away that when we were looking for apartments for rent in San Antonio we did it online. It is so far away from the town we used to live in up north in Texas that you would need to fly back and forth to look at places.

Unless you have ever visited or lived in Texas, it is just a big outline on the map of North America. Compare it to the sizes of some other countries. I think it is kind of funny to compare it to some countries that are causing trouble on the world stage. You know the ones. They rattle sabers and make a lot of threats. Just Texas alone is bigger than them, and most people in Texas have guns. It makes me wonder why some of these countries make the threats against the United States that they do. That sounds like it is about as smart as kicking a hornet’s nest.

We have visited a lot of places, but we enjoy living in Texas. Moving to San Antonio was sort of like moving to another state. We really like our new apartment at the Woodbridge Apartment Homes. We actually have a fireplace in our apartment. That is a huge step up in apartment living. It has vaulted ceilings, there are two swimming pools at the complex, and we have built-in bookshelves. We are avid readers and really enjoy that feature. If you don’t read, they are a great place for knick-knacks or collectibles.

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