We rented a nice two-bedroom place in North Dallas, Texas. We got out of the heart of the urban area. Being Texans, the city was just a bit too much activity. We come from rural Texas. A small town that most Texans would not have ever heard about. It was a bit of a culture shock when we got married and moved to urban Dallas. We thought we would thrive in the city, but we didn’t. We moved to The Oaks of North Dallas after visiting their website. That little bit of separation from the real hustle and bustle was all we needed. Plus, having three swimming pools is kind of nice too.

We really like our apartment. We got one with a fireplace, and we have two bedrooms. Our patio has a storage area that we put our sports gear and other things into. It is like having a shed to put stuff in even though you live in an apartment. These new apartment buildings really have the lifestyles of the tenants in mind. My hat is off to the designers and builders. The fully equipped kitchen is also nice. No need to bring your own refrigerator. We did have to get our own washer and dryer, but just having the hookups for them in an apartment is a really nice feature.

We like it here, and the commute to work is not that far. It is very bearable. I would even drive farther each day just to live in a nice place like The Oaks of North Dallas. We even have covered parking for our vehicles. That is a nice thing to keep your car looking good in the hot Texas sun. This is a pleasant community, and we like our neighbors. The apartment is beautiful too. We are happy to show it off to friends and relatives.

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