We work in the area at the same place, so my wife asked me if we could start looking for apartments near Cumberland Mall. It is a popular spot, so she figured it would show up some nice results on Google. We did a search and actually found too many places to consider. However, one stood out so much that it made the other choices pale by comparison. The first picture I saw of Overton Rise was the swimming pool. I asked what the blue areas were that had places to lounge. There is a separate sundeck, but these were shelf areas just at the waterline of the rest of the pool. It looked like areas where the water would be about ankle deep, and your chair or chaise is in the water. That seems like a cool idea-literally.

With such a unique design to the pool at the apartment complex, I told my wife that we should go on out and see one of the apartments. We toured a place that was available for rent. It looked brand new inside. There was no way I could tell by looking around if anyone had lived in it before. It did not smell funny or have grime stuck in any corners or crevices. If you have ever rented an apartment, you know you have probably spent days cleaning out the leftovers from a previous tenant. That makes me ill just thinking about it. Anyway, this place looked like it was built just for us. The rooms are spacious, the balcony off from the living room was so inviting, and the property amenities abounded with the stuff we like.

We talked it over and went back and signed a lease. This was the first time that I was not hesitant about signing a lease for a year. We could not wait to move into our new apartment at Overton Rise.

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