I sit at my desk a lot, both at work and when I am home. I started to feel the effects of this a few years ago when my back started protesting when I would get up from my chair. I tried to make it a point to get up at least once an hour for a few minutes, but it just seemed like that was not possible too often. As a result, I had a very sore back, and it was starting to affect other areas of my life. I contacted a chiropractor in Campbell CA after a friend told me that I would probably find some relief if I had my back checked.

I considered talking with my primary care physician about it, but I knew that he would probably just tell me to get up and walk more when I am at work. I also figured that since it was my back that was hurting, it just made sense to see a chiropractor. I was able to get an appointment for that same week, and I was prepared because I had read a good bit about how a chiropractor can help someone like me.

There were some great tips I read such as changing the position of my monitor since I was always scrunching my shoulders when I would sit there. I also knew that getting regular adjustments would help me, and that was the main reason why I wanted to get to the chiropractor quickly. The things I read from other people who work in offices and had seen chiropractors was really encouraging, because they knew the kind of pain that I was feeling. The good thing is that since they started getting adjustments and following tips their chiropractors gave them, the majority of them were not experiencing any more back pain issues. That is my goal too!

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