I couldn’t believe that I would be moving from a really boring suburban area to a well-known and very large city! Not only that, I would be living in the south for the very first time. I had just gotten hired for a new job, and the woman who hired me said that I should look around at Atlantic Station Atlanta apartments because it’s a very popular area, and many of her employees live around that area. Only have 1 month to get my new place if down, so I needed to hurry it up.

My mom told me in high school that I would probably need some move away to find a really good job. It made me sad at first, but Mom said that I would thank her in the long run. We lived in a place where job hard to come by. We live in the country. Most people there struggle in life. She told me that I should try living in a big city where there would always be an ample number of companies to work for and make good money with.

I decided that I didn’t want to go that far away from my mom, so that’s why I chose Atlanta. I interviewed at four places there, and all four places wanted to hire me. I thought this was very lucky, I decided to go with the company that suited me best, paid the most and had the best benefits. It is a choice that I have not regretted. Not only that, but I am close enough to my old state that it is not hard for me to fly or drive home. My mom said she is coming out next month, and I’m pretty excited about showing her my new life. She’s excited as well.

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