My husband told me that I would really enjoy the appointment that he made for me because he knew how much pain I had been going through for for a couple of frustrating weeks. He had called a chiropractor in San Jose to make an appointment for me after hearing about one who is located near my office is really good. I had never been to one before, so I wasn’t really sure what it would be like or what I should expect from the treatment in general. However, I was willing to try just about anything because I wanted to feel healthy again.

One night, I could not find my favorite storage containers that I used regularly in my kitchen. I began looking through all of the cabinet to see if I could find them. I’m rather short, so I needed to get up on a chair to look in the top cabinets. While I was standing on the chair, our dog came in and bumped the chair, causing it to slide a tiny bit. that small surprise. I grabbed onto the back of the chair to keep from falling, and in doing so, I pulled a muscle in my back.

For many weeks, I was unable to take care of our home, my husband, myself or my children very easily. It can be very irritating when you can’t get your body to do what you wante it to do. Separately, it is sad when you just want to have fun with your family and take care of them, but you’re unable to do so.. The chiropractor helped me to get back to feeling just as healthy as I was prior to the chair incident. My husband surprised me with a small step ladder so that I don’t need to use a tall anymore. He also bought a baby gate so that I can make sure that our sweet dog stays out of the kitchen.

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