Every aunt, cousin and other relative was coming out of the woodwork telling me they knew of a nice place for rent when we were looking for a new apartment. The reason we wanted to move is because we rented the place we were at based on the advice of a relative. We certainly were not going to do that again. We let it die down that we were looking, and then my wife and I searched on our own for South End apartments in Charlotte NC. We wanted a luxury place, and we did not want to hear from anyone on how we should save for a house or put the money we would save by renting a smaller place into a mutual fund.

Everyone has advice on how to save and spend your money if you let them. We were a bit naive about relative advice when we were first married, but now we handled things on our own without any need for outside help. We managed our income quite well. We were at a place where we could afford a nice luxury apartment in Charlotte, and the CityPark View was at the top of our list for places to rent. This was a major upgrade for us as we were going from a one bedroom apartment to one that had three bedrooms. We were also keeping it under wraps that we were expecting.

The CityPark View apartments are beautiful and packed with all the amenities a young couple like us wanted. They are right next door to the Renaissance Park and the golf course. The apartment has a gourmet kitchen. My wife and I are amateur chefs or advanced foodies depending on how you look at it. This was the place we wanted to live and the place we wanted our baby to start out in life. No relatives were talking us out of getting a nice place this time.

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