In fact you can find a lot of great places to ride dirt bikes out in the deserts and the mountains of Arizona. I know this guy who has a lot of dirt bikes. He buys them when they do not work and fixes them up. He has this long trailer which holds about nine bikes depending on which type of bike he takes. We go up there and ride around for a weekend all of the time, but this time I ended up having to find a Mesa chiropractor when I got back in the city. I was just doing the same thing as I usually do, but this time it was not going to go the way that it usually does. I guess that there must have been some rain or something, because the ground had some sort of sinkhole under it. I was doing this jump, the same thing that you always do. This time however when I came down to the ground it gave way under me. I went flying over the handlebars and I hit the ground really hard.

I was really stunned at the start of it and I was trying to figure out what had happened. The other guys said that I looked as though I was dazed for a couple of minutes, but I am pretty sure that I never had a concussion. I never hit my head, or at least not hard enough for it to do any damage. I was just stunned by the unusual nature of the accident. At any rate I knew that my back was hurt, but I was not about to go and see a doctor. I only went to see the chiropractor three days later. By that time it was really obvious that it was not going to get better.

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