I have ended up in the middle of a great big mess through no real fault of my own. I do work for a guy that is a big fat jerk, but a lot of people can say that obviously. One of the guys at work claims that he has injured his back while on the job, and he has hired a Sacramento personal injury lawyer to sue the boss. Of course I have no real idea what he is talking about, but the claim that he makes is that I am a witness to the event that caused this injury. If it happened the way that he claims it did then he was doing stuff that he should not have done. I do not recall ever seeing him out on the loading dock, if I had I would probably have remembered it. No one really knows what this guy does here, although he is supposed to be a supervisor. He supervises someone somewhere, but the people who actually work there are not sure who that is supposed to be.

At any rate they have me swearing out stuff and I keep swearing that I never saw anything, but that does not make anyone happy. My boss, being the sweet guy that he is, wants me to swear that the other guy is lying. Obviously I do not have any way to make that claim. I am rarely out on the loading dock, I pass through it when I am going in or out. It is quite possible that he is confusing me with one of the forty other guys who work in the plant. Regardless I can only swear to what I know is true and that is what I have done. Anything else is not relevant to me.

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