I went to visit my mom last week, and I was surprised that she did not have a home cooked meal waiting for me. Instead, she ordered out for pizza, something she has never done before. I quickly found out that it was because she was having problems with her fridge, and she had to throw most everything away in it. It was not keeping things cold enough, so I took a look but was not able to figure it out myself. I used my smartphone to do a search for appliance repair in Sacramento because I did not want my mom to go without a working fridge for a day let alone the week and a half that it had been.

She told me that she figured it was just done for, and that she would have to buy a new one. This one is not that old though. While it is definitely out of its warranty stage, I didn’t think she should need to replace it so soon. I didn’t know why it was not staying cold, but I trusted that the repairman coming out would be able to fix it for us. I have no idea why I tool a look to see if I could fix it. The extent of my expertise was to listen to hear if it came on, make sure the light came on and made sure the temperature dial was set right. All of that passed my tests, so I was then out of my league to fix it. I was glad the repair tech could actually come over while I was there.

Mom told me not to call as she could not afford to get it fixed right then anyway. The service call and repair was actually not much more than the pizza she ordered. It was just a simple little temperature sensor that was on the blink. It was common and cheap to fix, and the tech did not have to tear apart half of the refrigerator to do it. He was there about 15 minutes and that was it. I paid for the repair, and she is happy.

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