I had no idea what it was when I found it, but apparently what I found is something you can have made up. It is called a Jewish wedding ketubahs. It started out when I was out rummaging around this weekend.I bought some random stiff at a sale and when I got home I realized [...]

The term ‘organic’ can be broadly considered as ‘produce grown without the intervention or application of man-made chemicals’. This definition is in direct contrast to the principles that were being applied to agriculture during the early years of its industrialization that saw a transition to utilizing synthetic nitrogen compounds for fertilizer and pesticides. Up until [...]

I have a bit of a headache right now. Too many kids talking, and I wish that I could get away from them, but I guess I made my own bed when I had so many kids. I wish I could give a couple of them away. But anyway, I am checking out some info [...]

My mom is getting pretty old, but she still loves her freedom and her ability to live on her own. It worries me though, a lot of the time, and so I have been trying to think of ways to make sure that my mother is still safe, and that she has a good quality [...]

I’ve finally located the shower doors in Essex County NJ that I’ve been looking for. The shower installed in my home right now was once nice, I promise, but the years haven’t been kind to the glass shower doors. Last week they finally gave in to the wear and tear of time and literally shattered. [...]

Very few parts of our home are as important as the roof. Think of all the important functions it serves. It’s hard to believe that people usually don’t think of the condition of their roofs as much as they should. The only time people tend to become concerned about it is when a problem is [...]

Of course we spent a whole lot of money getting the house and it has put us in a bit of a bind. It is just a short term thing, but for now we are really worried about saving money. In fact we are going to do without cable TV for the time being. We [...]

There are at least four widely used social media management applications now available. You can even click here for Instagram followers! Each claim to offer everything you need. But in practice, it does not quite work out that way. You need to cherry pick which of the functions you want from each application. So set [...]

Metal roofs are the latest in roofing choices. After I decided that I needed roof repair in NYC, I went with a metal roof. Popularity is due to a variety of reasons, but one is they are warranted for at least 50 years. These roofs are high quality and need very little upkeep. There is [...]

I need to figure out where I can find a plumber in Morris County NJ and fix a pretty severe plumbing problem that I am experiencing. It is pretty annoying, and I do not even know what is going on. But basically, the sink it really stopped up, and I can’t get any water to [...]

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