I had no idea what it was when I found it, but apparently what I found is something you can have made up. It is called a Jewish wedding ketubahs. It started out when I was out rummaging around this weekend.I bought some random stiff at a sale and when I got home I realized that there was something else in the box. Of course I bought a bunch of old vinyl records. I found some stuff from the early 1970′s. I found a couple of Beatles albums, a Rolling Stones album, some Grand Funk Railroad and the great album Tapestry by Carole King. Of course I had that, but I bought all of these old records and I paid 20 dollars for a whole box of them. Of course I was looking for something specific. I was trying to find some Swamp Blues. This guy I know has really gotten me involved in looking for Lightning Slim’s old Ex Celo discs.

At any rate I was going through all of these albums and some other stuff that I got and I found some random stuff in the bottom of the box. There was an old True Detective magazine, one with the really lurid drawing on the cover and there was this funny document. That turned out to be Jewish wedding ketubahs, which is apparently something akin to a pre nuptial agreement. At least that is how I understand it based on a very crude reading of what I read on the wiki page that talked about it. Of course I did not claim to grasp what it meant, but I could see that you could buy these things. Some of the ones they had were 300 dollars. Of course I guess that it is important to some people if it’s worth that.

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