When I started looking at apartments near Edina MN, I was really surprised at the difference in apartments. The last time I had lived in one was nearly 20 years ago, and it was just a basic apartment. I had been living in a house with my husband for the last couple of decades, but [...]

We spent the first five years of our married life in a mobile home. That is not a great idea in a place that can get windy. We made it without any harm though. However, when the baby was on the way, we decided we wanted a much better place for the money we were [...]

I pulled off of the interstate into a city that I had never been to before. My plan was to simply show up at whatever city looked interesting and find a place to live. I found myself hoping there would be plenty of Temple Terrace apartments for rent because I didn’t feel like driving further [...]

We rented a nice two-bedroom place in North Dallas, Texas. We got out of the heart of the urban area. Being Texans, the city was just a bit too much activity. We come from rural Texas. A small town that most Texans would not have ever heard about. It was a bit of a culture [...]

My wife and I decided to move south. That is an inside joke for us as we live in Texas. We moved from a place way up north in Texas called Perryton to the city area of San Antonio. The distance is 550 miles or almost a nine hour drive. You still have a lot [...]

I was very unhappy with my living arrangements, so I decided to do something about it. When my former roommate and I had started sharing an apartment, it was with the understanding that we would have no overnight guests. It took her only a month to break that rule, and it was just too crowded [...]

I couldn’t believe that I would be moving from a really boring suburban area to a well-known and very large city! Not only that, I would be living in the south for the very first time. I had just gotten hired for a new job, and the woman who hired me said that I should [...]

We work in the area at the same place, so my wife asked me if we could start looking for apartments near Cumberland Mall. It is a popular spot, so she figured it would show up some nice results on Google. We did a search and actually found too many places to consider. However, one [...]

Every aunt, cousin and other relative was coming out of the woodwork telling me they knew of a nice place for rent when we were looking for a new apartment. The reason we wanted to move is because we rented the place we were at based on the advice of a relative. We certainly were [...]

I sit at my desk a lot, both at work and when I am home. I started to feel the effects of this a few years ago when my back started protesting when I would get up from my chair. I tried to make it a point to get up at least once an hour [...]

In fact you can find a lot of great places to ride dirt bikes out in the deserts and the mountains of Arizona. I know this guy who has a lot of dirt bikes. He buys them when they do not work and fixes them up. He has this long trailer which holds about nine [...]

My husband told me that I would really enjoy the appointment that he made for me because he knew how much pain I had been going through for for a couple of frustrating weeks. He had called a chiropractor in San Jose to make an appointment for me after hearing about one who is located [...]

I went to visit my mom last week, and I was surprised that she did not have a home cooked meal waiting for me. Instead, she ordered out for pizza, something she has never done before. I quickly found out that it was because she was having problems with her fridge, and she had to [...]

I have ended up in the middle of a great big mess through no real fault of my own. I do work for a guy that is a big fat jerk, but a lot of people can say that obviously. One of the guys at work claims that he has injured his back while on [...]

I had no idea what it was when I found it, but apparently what I found is something you can have made up. It is called a Jewish wedding ketubahs. It started out when I was out rummaging around this weekend.I bought some random stiff at a sale and when I got home I realized [...]

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