We spent the first five years of our married life in a mobile home. That is not a great idea in a place that can get windy. We made it without any harm though. However, when the baby was on the way, we decided we wanted a much better place for the money we were spending. We were paying lot rent and a monthly payment on the mobile home. That money would be better spent on a much nicer apartment with a lot more enjoyable amenities. We looked at some Lewisville TX apartments, and we settled on the perfect place for us at the Bluffs at Vista Ridge. That is a really nice place, and we were going to get a lot more for our monthly housing budget.

The swimming pool and athletic center on site saved us money right off the bat. We did not have to pay for a gym membership any longer, and we did not have to pay an annual fee to have access to a pool. We both swim a lot for exercise as it is easier on the joints. Since we both lift weights, we take it easy with the cardio stuff. Plus, I never liked jogging anyway. Not my cup of tea. We picked the Bluffs at vista Ridge because of all the great features and the fact that they are pet-friendly. We were not moving anywhere that our two dogs, Max and Myra, were not welcome. They were welcome at the Lewisville TX apartments where we moved to.

We like it here. We even have storage at our apartment for bigger items. I thought I was going to miss our shed we had back at the trailer. We sold the lawnmower and weed trimmer, and there was no need to hang onto the big garden tools any longer either. The apartment management took care of all the landscaping. Seeing we had a new baby on the way to take care of, not having anymore lawn chores or outside house upkeep was looking better and better.

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